Burlesque to Brrrlesque



In 2010, show creators Erika Nyyssonen (Gracie Finnass) and Camilla MacEachern (Lhanda Plenty) both took a leap into the unknown and participated in Yellowknife's first ever burlesque show. It was such a great experience that they made a pact to do it again. They wanted to make sure other local ladies were given the opportunity to share in the amazing experience either again or for the first time.  

In 2011, going in blind with no direction they decided to initiate the first ever Brrrlesque. Humbled and overwhelmed by the response and energy that they received from performers and the audience it was realized that something special had materialized and that Brrrlesque was more than just a performance, it was a collective of everyday woman of all ages, sizes, talent and experience with a common goal to push themselves to new heights.

Brrrlesque strives to expose Yellowknifers to the art of burlesque through classy, comedic, light hearted, sexy and tasteful numbers. The show combines music, dance and theatre. With their sassy and witty MC Heidi Kane (Usula von Icebergs), Brrrlesque enters their sixth year and plans to continue to leave you inspired and warm for the remainder of our north's cold winter months. 


"Brrrlesque has brought the warmth I needed to my Northern winters. These ladies are making the NWT set the bar for everyone else in terms of sexyness and empowerment" -Jade

How to Become part of the show

Auditions dates will be advertised early Fall of each year. 

Stay tuned for further information on this website about upcoming shows or contact brrrlesque@gmail.com in the fall. 


While comfort levels and opinions are subjective, these guidelines have been developed to remind us to be aware of areas that could potentially offend or be degrading, unnecessarily shocking, pornographic or too sexually extreme to others. We reserve the right to ask performers to alter their act if it doesn't fit within the spirit and intent of Brrrlesque.

1) Cultural Appropriation - Please do not dress/act in a way that reduces another group into a shallow caricature or a blatantly offensive racist stereotype. Being a part of a marginalized group yourself does not absolve you of irresponsible behavior towards others. Basically ask yourself: would the ethnic group in question be offended by it? If you are unsure then it probably means you should think of a different way to express yourself or speak to the Director for guidance.

2) Religion - Please never use anything of deep religious significance or cultural meaning. Do your research and make sure you’re not disregarding or subverting something that could be sacred. If that is your intended purpose you are being offensive.

3) Sexual Content - Brrrlesque is about having fun, celebrating women, creativity and teamwork. It certainly is about sexual expression and being a bit cheeky, they don’t call it, “the Art of tease”, for nothing! That said, it is not a show that is attempting to blow the boundaries off all that is considered decent in this world and bringing people to their knees with jaw dropping shock!! Ok, that was a bit intense, but to put it simply we have chosen to run a show that is basically PG-13 with a twist and sexy in a fun, lighthearted way.

**specifics---nipples must be covered at all times, no sex toys, no reenacting sex, implying is one thing**

We hope that these guidelines do not offend or intimidate anyone. The most important thing to remember is to never be afraid to approach us if you have any questions or need an opinion on your act.